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Recruiting salesman:

Job Responsibilities:

First, in charge of marketing and customer development work according to the company's market planning and sales strategy.

Second, the customer's processing of the consultation, to maintain effective and timely communication and communication with the customer, to reach sales orders, complete sales tasks.

job requirements:

1, under 30 years old, strong work responsibility.

2, clear articulation, good expression skills, good communication, better teamwork awareness;

3, cheerful personality, decent and generous, have affinity; no bad habits;

4, work experience is not limited, foreign trade or translation work experience is preferred, welcome outstanding graduates;

The company is well-paid, with a basic salary plus a commission, which provides a good development opportunity for the salesman. We sincerely welcome people of insight and talents who have both ability and political integrity to join us and pursue our dreams in this harmonious family of Lianjia to realize our own life value!

Contact: Ricky Zhang  Phone: +86 18669965353 Fax: +86 539-2159188 E-mail:info@ljpack.net  

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