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LJ03 Anti-Fog Shrink Film

LJ03 Anti-Fog Shrink Film

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LJ03 Anti-Fog Shrink Film

Anti Fog film is created for fresh produce packaging. Such as refrigerated foods. It has an excellent gloss and clarity for point out of purchase packaging. It allows to resist to ‘burn through’ caused by varying tunnel temperatures. It is also being positioned as an alternative to PVC film for cold-chain produce applications. Compared to the 60-gauge PVC film often used in these situations, anti fog film saves up to 18% of material usage and up to 55% of material weight for a typical 8-oz package.

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Contact: Ricky Zhang  Phone: +86 18669965353 Fax: +86 539-2159188 E-mail:info@ljpack.net  

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